Why remake of Point Break was pointless

Now, I am not the one to write any negative material. Most things inspire me. When it comes to movies, they make me completely open up my inner artistic self, especially if the move is well done. However, last couple of years I started catching myself on not liking most of the features in theaters.

Here comes the breaking point, or shall we say ‘point break’ where I decide to openly express my disappointment with modern filmmaking.

Now, what is wrong with filmmakers? Why do they keep remaking old classics? Robocop was a failure I was able to watch till the end, but Spiderman-whatever-part-of-whatever-number-reboot it was just didn’t cut it. Most people know my opinion on touching The Crow, and now this??? Point Break was simply painful to watch.


Now let’s start from the beginning and here I have to warn you – there will be spoilers, so if you don’t want to know what happens, then don’t read. But hey, wait! It’s a reboot and if you are a decent human being, you have already seen the original 1991 classic with Patrick Swayze and Keanu Reeves – match made in heaven. And the God was Kathryn Bigelow.


Here we have Luke Bracey and Edgar Ramirez. I am sorry, but who are they? Have they done anything before that movie? Okay, I do agree that Luke’s tattoos looked nice and sexy, but it probably won’t make up for the lack of acting abilities and obvious thing missing – chemistry between the two main characters. Next goes the girl. My apologies again, but in original movie her name was Tyler, in the remake I never caught her name, so I will be referring to her simply as the girl. Now the female character was an important part of the plot in the original movie; here we have her as entourage. The first scene where she and Johnny go for a swim is ridiculous. Some people inside the theater were literally questioning their ability to be underwater for that long. Sure, the new updated script has everyone in the film being a super athlete, but does that have to be an obvious sci-fi?


Actually, most of the film just doesn’t make sense. Johnny Utah infiltrated the gang in two weeks according to the movie just because he was a YouTube star before he joined FBI? He wasn’t even an actual FBI agent when he just appointed himself to this assignment.


Is anyone today able to just infiltrate a gang of criminals and ask for an FBI badge?


Well, it sure looks like it according to the movie.


Next confusing thing is total ‘reimagine’ of the plot – why the guys robbed the banks, and why they were imagining themselves modern day Robin Hoods…


If in the original movie they were indeed criminals and acted because they were rebels and felt hatred toward the system, in the remake, they are just a bunch of athletes who climb mountains and snowboard for the greater good of earth and humanity. The whole system made up for the sake of justification of the criminal actions is just plain absurd. Not going to get any deeper.


Some very funny moments – Johnny and his ‘love interest’ hook up for the night and Johnny miraculously wakes up without a single scar on his face? Because he was beat up the night before. Was that the day the make up artist missed the shift?


The scene where Johnny chases the female character and then shoots her is stale. Not a single emotion on his face. Another scene earlier in the movie where the couple were having a chat in the mountains and the female wore a funky looking beanie strangely reminded me of something else. At some point it looked like this was taken straight from the Twilight movie – a knock off Kristen Stewart and the same wicked scenery? Is this the way the creators tried to attract younger female audience? I thought the first half of the movie with Ramirez and Bracey topless was designed for that?


Sure, there were a couple of good things. Camera work and scenes in the mountains and at the ocean were nicely done, but when the acting is not that great, and the plot does not make sense, will the camera work be able to make you like the film?


My advice to everyone who is considering to check this film out: do not spend your money. Just watch the original one more time.

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