Bullet For My Valentine’s Gravity: Diving Into It With An Open Mind [9/10]

It’s been a very long time since I posted anything on my blog due to work overload and life kicking me hard overall, but since one of my favorite bands finally released a new album, I decided to share my thoughts with the world.


My relationship with Bullet For My Valentine and their music dates back to my first year in the States when the boys were riding the Poison wave, when screaming and metalcore were – like Marilyn Manson would say – ‘the new shit’. Long gone those times of me working for $6.50 an hour while trying to figure out my life, just like long gone the days of Bullet’s Poison era.

Things are very different today…for both of us. One word. Well, two: people mature.

Those, still waiting for Poison #2 or thrash-y Scream Aim Fire sounds will probably be disappointed with Gravity and will be bitching about the lyrical content and the lack of solos for the rest of the year.  However, if you are looking to rock out and discover some new songs that will tug on your heartstrings for years to come, Gravity is definitely the album to check out.

I was one of those folks who pre-ordered the album. Honest truth, I was a bit skeptic because no matter how much I loved Venom, I didn’t think it was the best the boys could do. There were a few songs that I really loved (including the title track Venom that most people overlooked for some reason; too bad for them), but most of it wore off after a year. As for Gravity, my skepticism was mostly based on the three singles released earlier this year. The riffs were great, the lyrics were on a weaker side. However, I tried to open my mind and dive into Gravity with a different mindset – not the Poison or even Venom mindset, but with the mindset of trying to find something for me, something to connect with. And I certainly did.

My track by track thoughts.

If you ask me, unlike ‘Over It’ or ‘Piece Of Me,’ the first track ‘Leap Of Faith’ has a better and catchier chorus and a more dramatic undertone. Matt’s voice really works with the overall musical arrangement. Those expecting the angry screams of the Poison era, will not find them here. Instead, there will be occasional chilling-to-the-bone psychedelic screams. With less frustration but more direction.

Those dedicated fans who have been following the band from the beginning and actually enjoy their slower songs like ‘The End’, ‘Bittersweet Memories’, ‘Say Goodnight’ will be pleasantly surprised when they get to track number 5 – ‘The Very Last Time’. It’s one of those signature ballads that we have been waiting since ‘Fever’ when ‘A Place Where You Belong’ and ‘Bittersweet Memories’ ruled. Temper Temper lacked love ballads. Venom had only one – the title track. Gravity compensates in this department and compensates well. ‘The Very Last Time’ and the final track ‘Breathe Underwater’ are those rare types of slow-torture songs that will tear you apart and most likely will not put you back together.  You’re just going to have to find a different way to get over all these emotions embedded into those two songs.

For those, looking to rock out, the title track Gravity is definitely the song to do it to. It’s fresh, very anthemic, it’s got fire in it.

My overall thoughts: I think if you de-attach yourself from the Poison and Scream Aim Fire Bullet days and look at the Gravity as an album from a band that creates music in 2018, not in 2005, it’s a great album. It’s current and it’s crisp. I think the younger crowd, especially folks who are under 30 and are not familiar with Bullet’s older repertoire will definitely find this album interesting.

The boys were not kidding when they said the album would be different. And in this case, different does not mean bad. It’s definitely not what we’re are used to, definitely not what we expected from a band that established themselves as the metalcore band, but this is a really emotionally charged package that leaves an impression.


Best tracks on Gravity:

Breathe Underwater – 10/10

The Very Last Time 10/10

Gravity 10/10

Leap Of Faith 10/10

Overall score 9/10


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